TECO Digital at 2020 Shanghai International Advertising Technology Exhibition

2020-08-27 01:44:28 Teco Digital Printing 273

From July 21st to 24th, 2020, TECO Digital appeared at the Shanghai International Printing Exhibition. After many years of upward climbing, Teco Digital has always been adhering to the brand concept of innovation and seeking, moving in response to the situation, actively seeking change, and forging ahead, committed to breaking up the barriers of upstream and downstream industries in various fields, mobilizing online and offline platforms to fully realize the zero-distance docking of resources , To build an interconnected, mutually beneficial and win-win business docking platform for exhibitors and visitors.

     In order to respond to the voice of enterprises, meet market demand, and help the industry develop, Teco Digital has created a series of online platforms in response to the situation, actively developed a new mode of O2O exhibition with organic integration of online and offline and two-wheel drive, and is committed to realizing the digitalization of the exhibition. Diversified channels and maximized communication. We make full use of modern information technology, develop online and offline, comprehensively improve exhibition services such as display, publicity, and negotiation, and help every exhibitor break the constraints of time, space, and form to achieve a 365-day*24-hour display experience. Help companies to grab orders, secure customers, expand markets and capture global business opportunities in the post-epidemic period.

      On July 22, Teco Digital will join hands with the industry's top media "Fashion Printing" to hold a "triggered" digital inkjet high-end development forum at the exhibition site. The forum will invite many industry leaders to gather together to discuss the current situation and future of the industry, study and judge the pain points of the industry, and jointly promote the development of the industry. The forum will be divided into four parts to solve the problems of practitioners from multiple dimensions in all aspects. This event aims to expand market channels for advertising companies from all walks of life, promote "trustworthy" products, enhance brand credibility, and enhance independent brand image , To push the truly powerful products to the forefront of the market and get the industry's due recognition!